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PheedLoop Information

We are running the conference using the PheedLoop platform.  You can access the conference through the meeting portal at


Your login credentials are the email address used when you paid your registration fee and the password that was emailed to you from our PheedLoop system (not the password that came from ePly). If you cannot remember your password, you can hit the reset password button on the login window, enter the email address you used when you registered for the meeting, and the system will help you reset your password.  If for some reason this does not work for you, please contact us by email ( and we will help you get things sorted.

You will have multiple emails that have been sent to you depending on whether you are an attendee, or also a speaker, exhibitor/sponsor, etc. These will include links to your attendee, speaker, exhibitor, and sponsor portals. These are pages where you can update your contact info and profile in the system, complete tasks like uploading posters and any pre-recorded videos you may have, updating your exhibitor/sponsor page and possibly collecting information about who stopped by your booth.  All automated emails related to the PheedLoop event page and your personalized links to your portals will have come from the following email address:  If you do not have these emails, please check your spam / junk folders. If you still cannot find them, please email us and we will resend the emails to you. It is highly recommended that you allow your browser to remember your password for PheedLoop, that you whitelist emails coming from, and that you bookmark the various portals so they are easy to come back to if needed during the conference.

The virtual event website is presently live, though many pages are still under construction. However, we are recommending that you visit the conference venue before the meeting starts to familiarize yourself with the environment, take a selfie in our lobby, etc.

The main lobby page has announcements, conference information, etc.  The other tabs down the left-hand side will allow you to navigate to the different areas of the event. The virtual event and content are expected to remain accessible for 90 days after the conference.

Backstage: You are only able to enter the backstage for a session where you are a speaker. This is where you should head before your presentation. Please check-in at least 10 minutes ahead of your session start time, so we can make sure everything is good to go. If you are presenting live, please have your presentation loaded and ready to go, and please test your audio and video in one of the test sessions ahead of the meeting.


Sessions: This is where you will go to join various conference sessions and the courses, if you signed up to attend a course. This is also where you will be able to go to stream content asynchronously so you can catch up on things you missed in a different parallel session or while you were sleeping. There is a convenient calendar view of sessions, and there are various ways to filter the sessions that you are seeing. Additionally, you can click the little box with a “+” for any session and add it to your personal calendar.

If you are looking for static posters and the flash presentations, they can also be found in the sub-sessions of Sessions 7 (May 31) and 13 (June 1st). These will be visible for the entire event.


Speakers: This is where you will find profiles of all our speakers, sessions where they are speaking (or chairing). It is also a convenient place to start private chats with people. If you’re a speaker, please update your profile (enter your speaker / attendee profile page to do this).

Exhibit Hall: This is where you will find info from our sponsors – some have general info, some have contact info, some have promo materials and other goodies to download, and some have live booths where you can video chat with them live.

Networking: This is another area that we expect to be busy.  During the breaks, this is where you will be able to go and hang out and have live video chats with other attendees. We will have discussion rooms set up, and you can pop from one room to another. There will be one for each theme area for the conference as well as a few open rooms where people can hang out.


This is also where we will be having our poster sessions. During the poster sessions, each poster presenter will have their own video chat room you can pop into to discuss their posters. If you are looking for the actual posters and flash presentations, you can find them in Sessions 7 and 13.


Account: This is where you can go to update some aspects of your profile (photo, bio, links to social media, website, etc).  You can also change your password here if you want, and you can upload any small PDF files that you want other people at the meeting to be able to access. This could be a place where you could put a CV, copies of papers, etc. Please note, this is NOT where you will attach files for your poster presentations or pre-recorded video for your presentation. That is done through your Speaker’s Portal on a separate page through the assigned tasks.  Likewise, for sponsors, this is not where you update info you have in the exhibition – that is done through your Exhibitor Portal.

We hope you enjoy the meeting!



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