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Instructions for presenters / poster presentations

Instructions for Speakers

The conference podium computers will be PC machines with MS PowerPoint installed on them. Please prepare your talk in .pptx format using a widescreen slide format. To ensure that things display properly, please embed your fonts in your file.


Please load your talks onto the podium computer during the break before your presentation (or earlier). Our volunteers will help make sure your talk is loaded properly. On the day of your presentation, please check in with the session chair so that they know you are present.


Please note that your allotted time includes time for questions. So if you have a 20-minute talk, please plan on 17-18 minutes for your presentation so that there are a couple of minutes for questions and change-over to the next presenter.

Instructions for Poster Presenters

Posters may be hung any time Sunday evening or Monday morning during breakfast, and are to remain on display for the duration of the conference. When printing your poster, please be aware that the poster boards will be set up with portrait orientation. Please prepare your posters with a maximum width of 44” (112 cm). For ease of reading, it is recommended that the height of your poster not exceed 60” (152 cm). Tacks for hanging your poster will be provided.


Poster presenters are asked to be present at their poster during their assigned poster session.  Odd-numbered posters are presenting on Monday afternoon and even-numbered posters are presenting on Tuesday afternoon.

As always, if you have other questions, please send us an email.

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