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Instructions for presenters / poster presentations

Instructions for Speakers

Please prepare your presentation using your favourite presentation software.  We will be using Pheedloop's Meet and Stream platform for the meeting. This functions much like Zoom / Teams / Meet, etc, except that it is fully-integrated into the meeting platform. Your slides should be prepared to fit a landscape screen at a 16:9 aspect ratio. Given how strict the streaming settings on our platform is, you must stick to your allotted time. We do not have room for people to run over time.

Please make sure that you are logged into the virtual event at least 20 minutes ahead of the session where you are presenting.  To check-in to your session, you must go to the "Backstage" tab on the left of your screen in the Virtual Event. Please check-in to your session at least 10 minutes before the session.

Once you enter the backstage, there will be a tab along the upper middle of the screen that says "Join Meet & Stream". Click on this tab, and it will let you configure and test your audio, webcam, and microphone. When you're ready, click Join and you'll be in the backstage chatting with other speakers and organizers.

When you are not speaking, we would ask that you please mute your microphone and turn off your camera. When you are presenting, you will be able to share your screen and unmute. We suggest that you leave your webcam off during your presentation to maximize the size of your slides during your presentation.

Please be advised that virtual / blurred backgrounds are not presently available in Meet & Stream, so you'll need to clean up your office / bedroom / kitchen.

If you wish to pre-record your video and have us play it at the prescribed time, please let us know before May 20th so that we can make arrangements.

There are practice sessions set up in the Pheedloop Virtual Event that will be available during the week before the conference. Feel free to pop in and test out the platform ahead of time. If you need extra help, please grab an appointment slot on this calendar and we will be around to help you out.

There is also a video tutorial about the Meet&Stream system here.

Instructions for Poster Presenters

You should prepare your poster as a static PDF file with a page that has a landscape-oriented A4 or Letter (8.5"x11") aspect ratio. It can be any size of "paper" as it will just rescale to the size of a computer monitor and readers can zoom in as needed.

Please also prepare a short (3-5 munite) video presentation of your poster. This should be recorded as .mp4 only (no smart player functions) and be encoded at either 720p or 1080p or similar resolution and 30 frames per second. You can have your webcam on or off for this, it is up to you. It could be a slide show, or it could be some other creative way to present your research.

In your "Speaker Portal" you will have two tasks. One task is to upload your poster, and the other is to upload your video. The maximum file size is 25 MB for the poster and 25 MB for the video. Please complete these no later than May 26th.

During your poster session's assigned time on Tuesday or Wednesday, please go to the Networking tab (left hand side of the virtual event) and then choose Groups.  You will see a group corresponding to your name / poster number. Please go into your group.  This is a virtual video chat room where you can hang out and wait for people to come by to talk to you about your poster.  In this room you will be able to share your screen if you wish to.  Please also keep in mind that Pheedloop's networking tools do not presently allow virtual / blurred backgrounds so you'll also need to clean up your office / bedroom / kitchen.

As always, if you have other questions, please send us an email.

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